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Three Wise Men Artemis Is Shocked Artemis and Svester African Animals Artemis Working in his Laboratory
Artemis Sees Gold Scheharazad Gandalf and the Dwarves at Bilbo's House Burr-a-hobbit The Genii and the Fisherman
Goblins Take the Dwarves into Their Mountain The Enchanted Stream in the Mirkwood Moving Puppets Ratilda's Brood Ratilda takes her brood across the roof
Children Sledding Professor Case in his Laboratory Tom Bombadill and Old Man Willow What's All This? What's All This?
Wonderful world of Color The Eensy Weensy Spider The First Christmas Tree Shepherds decide to take a gift Everyone was lookingat the little pine tree
Princess Foo and Bizaboo her father told her about a fabulous treasure Princess Foo enters the haunted castle Foo searched everywhere for the treasure Where could that treasure be?

I always said to my kids,"when I grow up,
I want to illustrate children's books.
I see it as the pinnacle of artistic aspiration.
Where else can you potentially influence a someone for the rest of their life?
Who has not come across an old children's book in your closet or at a yard sale
that takes you right back to that golden age of your life?

What strong feelings that evokes!

What other art has as deep a hold on your mind?

Not much.